Be a sailor for one day ... you , the sails, the sea and the wind for a unique experience

Your dream... Sailing a traditional yacht. First build in 1926, a classic schooner 60ft is ready to share your dream.

Your experience... true sailing day trip around Delphi or two to three days cruising around Ionian islands.

This famous John Alden's design, Malabar VII, won the 1926 Newport-Bermuda race. By 1932, the Alden Design Office was known around the world due to the success of the "Malabar" designs in the offshore racing scene.

A private captain's cabin, mahogany , jazz music ...and more than 30 ropes running rigs ... are waiting for you.

Come along for intense sailing holidays, remember for life.

Come along and participate to Spetzes Classic Regatta, and be a sailor for life.

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